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Books: 18+

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Going to prison for ten years should have made my feelings for her easier to handle... It hasn't. She's my reason for survival. The day of my release, the last person I expected to see was the one person I needed to see the most, Macy. Will I be able to control my craving and need for her?


Hearing what my brother, Jack has done to the woman I love causes my blood to boil. He will pay for all the pain he has caused and all the things he has made her do. I will kill him with my bare hands. Blood doesn't always come first when you have a family like mine.

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With Love From Tokyo...


Whether you are a seasoned traveler with us or a new adventurer, let our many, experienced tour guides lead you through romantic escapades with cherry blossoms along the way.


Experience healing from a breakup at the Sensō-ji, coming upon a beautiful stranger in Shinjuku Goyen National Garden, or the awe of the city while standing in t he Tokyo Skytree.


Our authors will take excellent care of you, ensuring incredible memories of your time in Tokyo. Each story guarantees uniqueness, love endeavors, and of course a HEA.


Grab your passport, your flight is at the gate! Voyages of the Heart: Tokyo is about to begin!


Contributing authors: Cassie Lee Hart | Elias Raven | Katherine LE White | Kristy Gibs | Leah Negron | M Greenhow | Nancy Chastain | Teresa Crumpton 

Follow the breadcrumbs to the dark secrets of the city. 

The dead body behind the rec center brings a struggling community to its knees. No one believes the staged scene, especially not the people closest to the victim—the police chief's children. 

Corruption has embedded itself in the city, and something has to be done.  Gina and Henry enlist the help of a long-time family friend and undercover cop to investigate. TJ, who can't resist helping his teenage love and his best friend, positions himself inside the safe haven, where he stumbles upon a little boy. The little boy who holds the key. When the clues lead them deeper into the bowls of the criminal underworld, no one is safe. The more they figure out, the less protected they become. 

Honor Thy Father is a compelling romantic suspense novella with a heroic brother's best friend vibe, loosely based on Hansel & Gretel.


Super model fiancée, check.
Internet famous, check.
Bad boy rep, check.
Hate it all... double check.

I have worked toward the Championship since I was ten years old, doing whatever my publicist asked. I party with athletes, rock stars, models, actors, politicians— all the elite. When I walk into a room, people take notice and cheer.

But none of that makes me happy. Fame brought the followers, money, and a chance at a title, but it didn't bring me the one thing I truly wanted. Angel.

So when she walks into my gym, a few weeks before the biggest fight of my life, I see an opportunity to show her the man inside the Beast. Things don't go as expected, though.
To get the girl, I killed a man.

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I’m Natalie Porter, and I have spent my entire life with the dead. I have always seen and helped the dead find their lasting peace…until now. Now, I’m watching the innocent die. I don’t know how to stop him, and I’m not sure I can.

The killer communicates with me. He haunts me with his deep, evil laugh, enjoying the torture he inflicts as he’s preying on the innocent. He is trying to find the perfect way to make me suffer.

I don’t understand why he hates me or what I did to him. I know I have to find him, to stop him before more people die or I do. No one can help me; this is my destiny to face him. He wants me to die. I want him to look me in the eye and try to kill me. I want to see the face of the monster who inflicts such pain.

I’m waiting for him to come. I have to face him alone. I’m drawing on all my abilities to be ready to fight. I know one of us will die. I pray that it’s him, and I have the strength to survive.


Tempted by love. Saved by my dad’s best friend.

A few days ago, I was just Charly. A small-town girl, bartending at a club near my tiny apartment, living paycheck to paycheck. Then I got a letter from a lawyer telling me my father died. Now, I’m an orphan with no clue what to do with the estate and the club my father named after me. I should sell it and enjoy the billionaire lifestyle away from city life, but the secrets my dad left behind bind me here. Or rather, my dad’s best friend tempts me to stay.

No matter how much I try to pull away, I’m drawn to everything about her. I keep telling myself she’s off-limits, but the urge to protect her courses through my veins. Someone’s out for the club and her, just like they were out for her father. The closer we get to figuring out what really happened to my best friend, the more danger she’s in. It’s up to me to save Charly.


Caged Fear- ebook cover.jpeg

I come with my own set of handcuffs.

The pain is extra.

I had only one purpose in life: join the force and take down the Guardians.


Mission accomplished, but not before they kidnapped my sister and put a bullet in her chest. She survived, but I didn't. That night created an emptiness inside me that sent me spiraling into drug addiction. 


I'm sober now, off undercover work, but still vacant. Still searching in every crevice for a piece to fill the void. Nothing lasts longer than an orgasm, at least not until Rosie pops back into my life and helps me feel worthy again. 


But being with me is dangerous. An escaped prisoner is on the loose and gunning for revenge. My enemies don't take kindly to being ignored. 

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I was a goner as soon as I looked into those deep dark eyes. With his first touch I was addicted to him. I can't believe he loves me. Our relationship is going wonderful until the threats began. Turning to my closest friends when I'm afraid is something everyone would do. Unless someone close to you is the one who is going to do what ever it takes to keep you away from the man you love. Will either of us survive?

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Stephanie and Chase were best friends growing up. He was her first love, her first lover. They were going to live happily ever after until till the day he left.

Now he's back. Can Stephanie trust him again? Will they ever find their happily ever after?

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